2015-08-10 09:45
DĖMESIO! šiuo metu vyksta pasiruošimas naujam semestrui, todėl kai kurios funkcijos gali neveikti. Atsiprašome už nepatogumus.
A. Administratorius
2015-01-22 16:11
Moodle courses are re-used each semestre. To do this, we remove all student enrolments, but not content, from the majority of courses so that they are ready for the new cohort of students. On 1st of February, we are going to arrange the site and Moodle for the Spring Semester. You will be able to use all services from the 2nd of February.
A. Administratorius
2014-08-22 11:09
Congratulations to you on the beginning of a new academic year. Please keep in mind:
A. Administratorius